1. How much does Reportly cost? Reportly is totally FREE to use!
  2. Is my Adwords, Bing and Facebook data secure? Yes, we never store your AdWords, Bing or Facebook PPC data. Data is pulled from APIs in real-time, formatted into an email, and sent to the recipients you designate in your Send-To settings.
  3. Do you store my Adwords, Bing or Facebook login info? No! We use a secure protocol, oAuth 2.0, which ensures that we never see your login credentials. Read more about oAuth.
  4. Will it work with Facebook? Yes it does! Connect your Facebook Ads account much like you would connect your AdWords account.
  5. Who created Reportly? Reportly was developed initially for internal purposes by Sum Digital, Inc., a San Francisco PPC Agency, and then released to the public as a free tool.
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