Who Are We?

We are PPC professionals on a mission to help other PPC professionals. In 2005, Terry Whalen founded Sum Digital, Inc., a PPC agency in San Francisco. Throughout the years, Terry and his partner, Joey Muller, have managed over $30 million in ad spend for dozens of ecommerce, consumer software and B2B clients.

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When Terry and Joey built the first version of Reportly, it was for internal reporting only. Over time they refined the reports to show all the right data at-quick-glance and gradually introduced it to some friends in the industry.

During summer 2013, the team made the tool available to the public. Today many advertisers now rely on Reportly to deliver easy-to-digest time over time emailed reports.

"I check my Reportly emails before I've gotten out of bed! Knowing where my campaigns stand before I stand gives my team an edge to deliver excellent service every day."
— Terry Whalen

We hope Reportly gives you an edge to deliver excellent PPC service.

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